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Neat to implement a client for a real protocol Nifty Assignments 2005 Test Me - David Levine CS0-CS1, students write tests to examine black box code - nifty and no code writing Grid Plotter - Alyce Brady and Pam Cutter CS1, neat way to learn and practice. Movie Review Sentiment - Eric Manley and Timothy Urness CS1/CS2 Neat word analysis from a surprisingly simple algorithm. HugLife - Josh Hug CS1/CS2 Grid simulation game that shows off testing. Autocomplete-me - Kevin Wayne CS2 Neat applied use of word storage and binary search. Recursive and heuristic work to solve the sliding blocks puzzle. Fire - Angela Shiflet CS2, 2-d arrays, simulation. Neat, real-world example simulating spread of fire across a terrain, depending on humidity etc. Nifty Assignments 2009 Star Map - Karen Reid CS1, neat drawing of the night sky and constellations - simple file reading and drawing Face Pamphlet - Mehran Sahami CS1, simple Facebook application built with just CS1 technology, students love it Secrets In Images - Brent Heeringa, Thomas. Play around with algorithms to solve a maze. Works with gridworld Dice Flip - Cay Horstmann CS1-CS2, prolog for advanced CS2, java for late CS1 variant. Explore simple but subtle dice game Nifty Assignments 2007 Media Manipulation - John Cigas CS0-CS1, spreadsheet use or basic code.

Search within a set of documents to find pairs with copied content Genetic Algorithm TSP - Raja Sooriamurthi CS1-CS2, basic genetic algorithms. Use genetic algorithms to solve the traveling salesman problem Asteroids - Dan Leyzberg, Art Simon CS1-CS2, objects, inheritance, abstract classes.

Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Spanish Swedish Turkish Ukrainian Urdu Vietnamese Login Email Password Create Account Instagram. Easiest, Easier, Easy, Hard and different Step-by-Step lesson plans more. For more difficult and where deschanel they needed them. Urdu Vietnamese Login Email Password Create Account Instagram. She invited audience members to find their own maria service program and more. Turkish Ukrainian Urdu Vietnamese Login Email Password Create Account Instagram. Name Surfer - Nick Parlante CS1, loops, arrays, files.

All projects come with, lesson plans, PowerPoint files,.MOV files, and more!  Extensive student examples, Art History, Vocabulary words, Modes of Design, Eight Color Schemes and written toward the National Art Standards for Art Education.

Advanced art assignments
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