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Completed design tasks successfully 1 month ahead of schedule and under budget. Volunteered to help in the following areas: writing Python scripts that generate Verilog RTL code, functional verification, and in-system Memory BIST and BISR. The role demands providing complete integrated service design for multiple purposes. This ASIC design engineer resume is designed to guide you in preparing a unique resume. It takes into consideration the essential skills, experiences and educational qualifications in relation to the applied position. Summary of Skills: Extensive knowledge of ASIC design flow like designing, verification, emulation, prototyping, time analysis and test development. In-depth knowledge of designing, specifying, and selecting integrated circuits. Comprehensive knowledge of delivering high-volume designs and embedded wireless applications.

Developed architecture, wrote hardware specifications, designed and debugged Verilog modules for the following: 8x8 crossbar data arbiter, in-system Memory BIST, and internal proprietary processor maintenance bus that interfaces to the PCI Bus Target core and to all of the ASIC 's internal functional modules.

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Assigned responsibilities of verifying smooth functionality of the digital system in conjunction software with analog systems. ASIC Design Engineer-Intern System Solutions, WA May 2009 to January 2012. Handle the tasks of designing and implementing IC for video processors, graphics, and mobile processors.

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