Function - Calling a Function Inside SQL

Chapter 17 Calling PL/SQL Functions in

The SQL data mining functions are: CLUSTER _ID CLUSTER _PROBABILITY CLUSTER _SET FEATURE _ID FEATURE _SET FEATURE _VALUE PREDICTION PREDICTION _COST PREDICTION _DETAILS PREDICTION _PROBABILITY PREDICTION _SET XML Functions The XML functions operate on or return XML documents or fragments. Calling a function from PL/SQL in a select statement in ORACLE. I am trying to use the function in a select statement. for example we can write a query like. The SQL collection functions are: CARDINALITY COLLECT POWERMULTISET POWERMULTISET _BY_CARDINALITY SET Hierarchical Function The hierarchical function applies hierarchical path information to a result set. SYS_CONNECT _BY_PATH Data Mining Functions The data mining functions operate on models that have been built using the DBMS _DATA _MINING package or. SQL functions are built into Oracle Database and are. Model functions can be used only in the model_clause of the SELECT statement. The model functions are: CV. The first datatype is the input datatype. The second datatype is the output datatype. The SQL conversion functions are: ASCIISTR BIN_TO_NUM CAST CHARTOROWID COMPOSE CONVERT DECOMPOSE HEXTORAW NUMTODSINTERVAL NUMTOYMINTERVAL RAWTOHEX RAWTONHEX ROWIDTOCHAR ROWIDTONCHAR SCN_TO_TIMESTAMP TIMESTAMP _TO_SCN TO_BINARY _DOUBLE TO_BINARY _FLOAT TO_CHAR (character) TO_CHAR (datetime) TO_CHAR (number) TO_CLOB.

You can use the NVL function in the argument to an aggregate function to substitute a value for a null. COUNT never returns null, but returns either a number or zero.

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17. Calling PL/SQL Functions in SQL. Calling PL/SQL Functions in SQL. The following SELECT statement cuts through all the confusion and displays the total.

Calling functions in select statement in oracle
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