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Only available on StudyMode Read full document Text Preview. Power has always been an issue in society. Controversies over who holds the power, who lacks it, and what is done with power affect society. M/signup? m2Fjoin joinFreeUrl essays/?newuser1 siteId 1 facebook clientId version v2.2 language en_US analytics googleId UA ". Manipulation is evident in the novel as it contributes to the overall success of the Party. Doublethink is used by the author to show that people can change what they value, but still obtain a thought of their past.

Telescreens, technological monitoring devices, and hidden microphones are situated in Airstrip One, formerly known as England, to manipulate the minds and alter the thoughts of the general population. The undeveloped, dilapidated city life and land throughout Airstrip One portrays the dangers of totalitarianism.

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Furthermore, the novel is set in the future, which exposes the Party, a totalitarian government, and their control on the past and proliferating strength. Truly then, the setting of the novel affects the development of various themes such as psychological manipulation, dangers of totalitarianism, and historical control.

Power in 1984 essay
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