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In some cases, criminal actions can also been taken against the company. Private companies are also supposed to follow GAAP, and if not, then the reasons and differences should be mentioned in the notes of the financial statements. Statements of Financial Accounting Concepts: It was first issued in 1978. They are part of the FASB 's framework project and identified and established fundamental concepts and goals guiding the FASB in the development of future standards. If you have difficulty with the post test, review the frames on the topic. You can get started on the workbook before you access the Online Pre-term Accounting Software, described next. For their help, there is a certain framework of standard rules known as generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP ) to guide their judgments. What is US GAAP GAAP are a set of accounting patterns that are required to prepare and report the financial statements of public and. You should be able to analyze transactions in terms of their effects on the balance sheet and income statement; you should know the difference between cash flows and net income; and you should be able to compute basic financial ratios.

What is a debit and what is a credit? What is a contra account? What is accrual accounting? How is it accomplished? What are its advantages? What is the difference between recognition and realization?

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It also makes sure that the financial documents are not manipulated, and investors and creditors can take decisions as per that. If a public company does not follow the guidelines, the company will be fined by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Purpose of statements of accounting concepts
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