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He stalled by asking me ridiculous questions I had already answered and in the end told me I did not have an appointment scheduled, which is WRONG. I received an automated call yesterday reminding me of the appointment. Have spent countless hours on the phone trying to resolve the issues. Comcast then says they will be to our house between 3-5 today. They called at 2:45 saying no one was at our residence when They came, however I have been here all day and they. Comcast says outage resulted from overloaded DNS servers, offers credit to those affected. Report: Comcast data caps result in more than 13,000 FCC complaints.

Comcast Support Ticket outage on 4/4 for internet service outage on 4/7 for cable tv More. (Cable TV).

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MILEVA MARIC EINSTEIN (Dramatization Would you like me to check your mathematics? Google is proud to support NOVA in the search for knowledge: Google. Major funding for NOVA is provided by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, serving society through biomedical research and science education: HHMI.

Electric co rep tied cable to fence gate the first night so wasn't hanging low over street/traffic hazard. These people are beyond incompetent. Am considering legal action. -by Candace (Sep. 5, 2013) Report Write a review / comment.

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