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Persons below the age of eighteen are generally considered children. Read More Brazil The Constitution provides the principles to be followed for the protection of children and adolescents in Brazil. These principles, coupled with the numerous international treaties signed and several pieces of legislation enacted, offer a.  It is not only of interest to our lawmakers but also in the interest of the public since our legislators are representatives of the peoples interests.  Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) instructed the Law Library to compile the individual country studies into one electronic publication to be offered. International Humanitarian Law, also known as the Laws of War or Law of Armed Conflict is the part of public international law that regulates international and non. Ancient civilizations entrusted heads of families with omnipotent authority over their children.  The rather common underlying legal assumption was that children lack the capacity to discern correctly between prescribed behavioral standards, a condition that made them legally comparable to property and therefore sellable. Read More China China has ratified many major international documents with regard to children's rights protection.  China's domestic legislation also provides protection for a wide range of children's rights.  The reality, however, is disputable. 

The Legal Term Conflict Of Laws Defined Explained.

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Childrens Rights also lists which pertinent international treaties the nation has ratified and implemented. Childrens Rights will enable researchers, legislators, and academics to compare and contrast how children are treated among the different continents and which policies and laws have had the most profound impact on the.

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