Alan Bates 's secret gay affair with ice skater John Curry

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At the age of 52, the tragic life of Victoria Ward had ended. "In some ways, Mum's passing was a big relief for both of us admitted Ben. "Her life was just miserable and it had become intolerable to her." Nevertheless, Alan felt genuine grief and "terrible. News of his old flame's illness had reached Alan in February of that year, and he had immediately rushed to be with Curry, offering not only to bear the costs of all his medical care, but to do the nursing duties himself. "Gerard always had to walk two paces behind, or come earlier or later to a party if they were both invited he said. "They couldn't be seen together." The turning point in the relationship occurred when Alan arrived home one evening with a stranger and proceeded to. "All his life says Alan's friend Gareth Wigan, 'Alan both wanted and feared a lasting union with someone, but it eluded him.". Another friend, Michael Linnit, agreed. "He fell in love very often and thought it was for life, and so did the partner. In 1991, at around the time John Curry was diagnosed with Aids, the chapter finally closed on one of Alan's longest sexual relationships, and the one which he described as "the best and most rewarding relationship I've known".

"There were enormous pressures living with someone so wellknown. Finally I told him I felt like I was just his bit on the side.". A friend of both of them, Conrad Monk, remembers that Alan, always fearful of publicity involving his intimacies with men, never acknowledged Gerard.

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"But when it got to a certain point it was cut-off time, and wonderful, soft, romantic, loving Alan showed real steel. One could go so far and then one got to the steel and could not get past it.

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