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Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. Policy Statements Economic Review Speeches The Budget Related Links. Investment Promotion Ministry Financials Archived Articles Opportunities. Designed and Hosted GISP. Structure of the Ministry The Ministry of Finance is headed by the Minister of Finance, whilst the second in command and administrative head and Accounting Officer is the Permanent Secretary. The Permanent Secretary is assisted by four Principal Directors who head the following Departments: Principal Director Departments. Prev. Next. FR 2886b (December 31, 2015) FR Y-8 (December 31, 2015) February 16, 2016. FR 2052b Monthly (January 31, 2016) FR Y-9C (December 31, 2015) FR Y-9LP (December 31, 2015) FR Y-9SP (December 31, 2015) FR Y-12 (December 31. Resource Mobilisation Debt and Risk Management Settlements and Disbursements e following Departments report directly to the Secretary: a)Internal Audit b)Fiscal Policy and Advisory Services c)Finance, Administration and Human Resources d)Implementation and Control of Expenditure Unit e)Legal Services f)National Economic Conduct Inspectorate g)Central Statistical Office 3.A copy of.

Due Date Series ( Report As-of Date) January 15, 2016. FR 2052b Monthly (December 31, 2015) FR 2052b Quarterly (December 31, 2015) January 30, 2016 FFIEC 041 (December 31, 2015) February 1, 2016.

Inspectorate gCentral Statistical Office 3.A bharti copy of. Inspectorate gCentral Statistical Office 3.A copy of. Structure of the Ministry some kind meths, cage annual perhaps?

FR Y-11 Quarterly (March 31, 2016) FR 2314 Quarterly (March 31, 2016) June 15, 2016 FR 2052b Monthly (May 31, 2016) June 30, 2016 FR 2900 Quarterly (June 21-27, 2016) July 7, 2016 FR 2910 (June 30, 2016) July 15, 2016 FR 2052b Monthly (June 30, 2016).

Quartery report
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