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10 Things You Should Always Bring With You to an Interview

Some people are understandably skeptical of answers which include industry buzz words, because it looks like a recital. That's not actually the case, when you can use them and mean them. Expressions like this actually mean quite a lot: Team player Team builder Communications skills People skills. Customer skills Relationship building Leadership Commitment Initiative. Organizer Problem solver Technical skills Organizational knowledge They're also a much more efficient way of giving the interviewers a lot of information, economically, not. At the professional level, an adequate or just average quality answer probably won't be good enough. Try to produce a response which contains an easily transcribed series of points for the interviewers, all of which mean something important to the position. Important: You can actually outnumber your competition on points, so use your terms well, and ensure lots of actual content. You may find while preparing for this question that you remember a lot of things you could have said in other interviews.

This sounds like a standardized question. It isn't. It's another quality control question, designed to get the best response from candidates, and weed out the lower grade answers. Depending on the job and the essential criteria, part of the answer is obvious.

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It's necessary to add the desirable skills, and personal expertise. It's also relevant to your other questions, so think of it as a general rehearsal, and somewhere you can put all the points you want to make in one place.

Do you bring cover letter to interview
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