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Perhaps I'll hang instead. And if I fall, why what is life? For lost I gave it then as due, When from slavery's yoke in strife. A rover! I withdrew. My music is the Northwind's roar; The bellowings of the Black Sea's shore, And rolling of my. His father was part of the military, and when the. Spanish War of Independence started, they moved around a lot. Espronceda therefore knew the tragedies of war from a very young age. Don Juan -type seducers and which is considered to be the best poem of its genre from the 19th century; and the incomplete "El Diablo Mundo where the poet talks about the innocence of humans and how they are corrupted by the social reality and its evils. Espronceda again, their love was rekindled. She fled with him to Paris in 1831 and in 1833 they moved back to Spain, settling down in Madrid. However, Teresa soon grew tired of their life there and she moved to Valladolid.

Veinte presas hemos hecho a despecho del ingls, y han rendido sus pendones cien naciones a mis pies. Que es mi barco mi tesoro, que es mi dios la libertad, mi ley, la fuerza y el viento, mi nica patria, la mar.

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Que es mi barco mi tesoro, que es mi dios la libertad, mi ley, la fuerza y el viento, mi nica patria, la mar. A la voz de «barco viene!» es de ver cmo vira y se previene a todo trapo a escapar; que yo soy el.

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