Title IX: Reporting Sexual Misconduct

Reporting Sexual Misconduct - Broward

A victim can seek assistance and support from these individuals without triggering a university investigation that could reveal the victims identity or that the victim has disclosed the incident. While maintaining a victims confidentiality, these individuals or their office should report the nature, date, time, and general. This limited report which includes no information that would directly or indirectly identify the victim helps keep the Title IX Coordinator informed of the general extent and nature of sexual violence on and off campus so the coordinator can track patterns, evaluate the scope of the problem. If the victim wants to tell the responsible employee what happened but also maintain confidentiality, the employee should tell the victim that the university will consider the request, but cannot guarantee that the university will be able to honor it. Even if the victim initially requests confidentiality, the victim may later file a complaint with the university or report the incident to the police, and thus have the incident fully investigated.

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The university recommends that victims of sexual misconduct report directly to the Title IX Coordinator, if possible. To the extent possible, information reported to a responsible employee will be shared only with people responsible for handling the universitys response to the report.

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Some Ways To Report Sexual Misconduct: 1.) Report the abuse to the local police 2.) Contact the administrator/medical director at the medical facility that the abuse happened at. Many major hospitals have complaint forms that you can fill out.

Reporting sexual misconduct
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