Gender and Sexuality essays

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Girls and boys learn these differences while they are growing up in society, in different ways in different cultures. The identities of women and men are formed differently because social surroundings impose different expectations on girls and boys from the moment they are born. When we consider how males and females differ, the first thing that usually comes to mind is sex, the biological characteristics that distinguish males and females. Sex refers to the biological characteristics by which we identify males and females. The Biological Sex continuum, shown on the top scale, includes external genitalia, internal reproductive structures, chromosomes, hormone levels, and secondary sex characteristics such as breasts, facial and body hair, voice, and body shape. It encompasses socially defined roles, attitudes and values, which the society ascribes, appropriate for one sex or the other- for males and females. Gender is a social construct that binds people in rigid definitions of masculine and feminine and it influences how we think, how we feel.

These biological or physiological differences are created by nature, and these deference are same in every family, every community and in every country. However, even sex may not be wholly dichotomous as it made evident by inter-sexed individuals.

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Whether you are a male or a female, it also influences how people see you and the social expectations of how you should behave. Gender is not equal - it is a social construct, often also shaped by other factors such as class, ethnicity, age and religion.

Essay about gender and sexuality
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