Essay on Junk Food for Kids, Children and Students

Sample IELTS essay: health and diet

9. No fiber in junk food means strain on stomach and digestive system resulting in problem of constipation. All the points discussed about junk food above lead us to conclude that junk food does all harm to your heath without providing any health benefits. The characteristic of fast food is to cause a spike in the energy levels and hence luring one back to eat up another makes it even more harmful. This eating pattern is likely to cause aggravated energy levels that fail to come down even at sleep time. 5. Heart diseases, increased levels of blood pressure and sugar are more likely to happen if the person is a regular consumer of oily junk foods. 6. Since junk foods are not easy to digest and consume larger amounts of energy from the body in the process. Free Junk Food papers, essays,. The fast food and junk foods characteristically comprise of high levels of calories from. Health Eating Food essays: 3 Works. 7. Not only heart, but liver can be damaged due to excessive cholesterol formed in the body due to junk food habits. 8. More people are diabetic early in life because they eat junk food more often.

Also the ease of manufacturing and consumption makes the junk food market spread its influence so rapidly. People, of all age groups are moving towards junk food as it is hassle free and often ready to grab and eat.

Soft drinks, chips, wafers, noodles, pizza, burgers, French registered fries etc. Soft drinks, chips, wafers, noodles, pizza, burgers, French fries etc. Nutrition experts have researched the Carolinas d. Image Soft drinks, chips, wafers, noodles, pizza, burgers, French fries etc. For example coordinated eight city-wide fund-raising walkathons which attracted participants throughout St. Search for skill easy to cook foods.

Junk food Healthy Food The Healthy Foods List Here is a basic list of healthy foods that most people can agree on: Fresh fruits and vegetables.

Essay about junk food and healthy food
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