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Ashdown ended up getting his Srebrenica confession, but he already had a new demand in store: arrest Radovan Karadzic! And while the bumbling Serb officials try to appease him but complain that Karadzic is awfully hard to find (after all, NATO occupation troops have failed to seize. Following the publication of a 42-page report by the Srebrenica Commission of the Bosnian Serb government, media around the world carried a variation of. The real question is, how many? Forensic experts examining the exhumed bodies should be able to determine the cause of death easily yet their voice has been conspicuously absent. Bosnian Serbs never denied that their forces killed many Srebrenica Muslims; indeed, theyve admitted killing several thousand in. Even a cursory analysis reveals that Krstic was never given a fair trial, and that the judgment was based on assumptions that were (among other things) self-contradictory. Furthermore, the verdict established genocide in Srebrenica through subterfuge: not only was the concept of genocide defined so loosely it. F ollowing the publication of a 42-page report by the Srebrenica Commission of the Bosnian Serb government, media around the world carried a variation of this headline on Friday, June 11: Bosnian Serbs Admit Srebrenica Massacre!

Why was the Second Corps of the Bosnian Muslim Army sitting idle, when it could have at least launched a spoiling attack? Did Izetbegovic purposefully let Srebrenica fall and its people suffer, to score propaganda points?

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As with so many things concerning the Balkans, the media was wrong yet again. The June 11 Report was a sham, a coerced confession with a. Stalinist flavor. It was a result of viceroy Ashdowns personal fixation, and in great part simply repeated the unproven assertions of.

Srebrenica commission report
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