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I had no adequate excuse for this and so, when the opportunity arose after my return from Great Britain, I took it. Tasmania was everything I hoped for and more. Most of the state is beautiful and they do pack a considerable variety of landscapes into a. I had an old Canon G5 which was capable of excellent results, but its technology simply wasn't good enough to make it shine. I had my interest piqued by the Canon G11 and the Lumix LX3, both of which were moving in the right direction but were. Shortly after buying the camera, Adobe released Lightroom 3 with a release candidate that contained the necessary RAW converter and lens profile for my new toy. I ran the trial version and found that this product had all the functionality I wanted, including some stuff I had. AVIS FITS Viewer FITS image viewer Aberrator. Star-testing software that can show all the common telescope defects (astigmatism, coma, pinch, tube-currents, etc.) Adastra FREESTAR Accessible free planetarium with multiple viewplanes, accurate reports, live orbital tracking, and astronomical dictionary. AstroPlanner Astronomical observation planning, logging and telescope control software. AstroCalc Calculates the position of planets and give their appearance. AstroGemini Screen Savers Astronomy screen savers Astronomy Software by AeroSpaceGuide Guide to the Best Astronomy and Space Software online Astronomical Observation Log Log down your observations and import.

CoolSky Sky simulator for amateur astronomers that uses OpenGL technology Cute Little Astronomy Program (CLAP ) Astronomy program displays the sun moon and planets for any location in the Northern Hemisphere.

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This also, was to be expected, given Britain's smaller area, greater population and longer period of intensive cultivation. The farmlands and gardens of England are, of course, very beautiful, but they are a long way from pristine nature.

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