The CVMA Animal Welfare Position

Humane Care and Use of Animals in

The AVMA Position on Animals Used in Research and Teaching is also instructive:. The AVMA Animal Welfare Position Statements are a type of official ethics. Imagine this scenario: You are on vacation in a pleasant riverside city that boasts moonlight tours by horse and buggy. As you approach the starting point, you see a man beating his horse repeatedly with a whip; you soon realize that there is no effort to move. Each of the following, or a combination, has been suggested as a morally relevant difference that separates animals from humans: soul intelligence reason autonomy language creativity intent conscience emotion self-awareness capacity for suffering capacity for moral behavior Even if one or more of the above justify exclusion.

Additional questioning often reveals that students are thinking of their companion animals when they respond, i.e., typically not earthworms, frogs, or rats. Those that disagree with the statement typically have a sense that there are fundamental differences between animals and humans, such as suggested by the bulleted.

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Indeed, an acceptance of our traditional uses of animals necessitates a view that theres something fundamentally different between Daisy, the cow (who most of us would cheerfully eat, if properly prepared) and Grandma.

Avma animal welfare position statements
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