I want to put an image as a watermark in an Access 2010 report

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I' prefer a one-shot solution to the entire cycle. If anybody has tried anything like this, please give me a hint. Open the report in Design Mode and hit F4 to see the Properties Sheet for the report. Scroll down the sheet until you see the Picture property and click the ellipsis icon. Using the standard Windows file selector box navigate to, and select, the graphic file you created. Since you are printing the report without it ever rendering to the screen the open/ load events are never fired because they are never used. Has anybody an idea how to do that in some simple fashion? I'd like to plaster the background with customer name. Googling reveals different methods, one could always do some fancy manual prostprocessing and add a watermark to a PDF, or do the thing in Word and. I was browsing an Access book in a bookstore, and i fumbled across a tid bit on how to add a watermark to a report using Word to first create it.

Using Access, you d create the label report, insert the graphic, and run the. Doing so lets you create a layered effect, similar to a watermark.

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It s easy to put a picture in an Access report, but how does one format it to be a. With that, you can make the picture a watermark (which I did).

Create watermark in access report
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