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Several well-known grading agencies in the United States and Europe have high reputations: Gemological Institute of America (GIA) American Gemological Society (AGS) European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) Diamond High Council (HRD, which is an abbreviation of the Dutch Hoge Raad voor Diamant) International Gemological Institute (IGI) International Confederation. Diamonds that are yellowish in color (color grades S through Z) can sometimes be pressure- and heat-treated to make them whiter (a process often referred to as HPHT, high-pressure and high-temperature). Without a certificate, issued by a reputable agency, such as GIA, AGS, or EGL, or HRD, a buyer relies on a jewelers integrity that the diamonds 4C parameters are accurate and not overstated. Are there different types of certificates and what are the key differences? How can you be sure that a certificate corresponds to a specific diamond? Whats the difference between certification and appraisal?

The table below shows side-by-side four of the worlds most popular color grading systems: GIA, AGS, CIBJO, and HRD. Color Grade Description GIA AGS CIBJO HRD. Colorless D

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A lack of a certificate may be a clue that the diamond has been enhanced and the jeweler knows an inspection would reveal the diamonds true condition, as well as indicate how the compromised diamond might erode.

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