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She did not remain a confused and ashamed young mother. She went on to become chairman of the board of the National Center for Learning Disabilities, determined that no other parent would have to face a child's LD alone. She also was afraid to tell her very proper mother, Anne. McDonnell Ford. "I didn't want her to talk to her friends at luncheons about me; I didn't want them all to pity poor Anne she says. Finally, denial is out of fashion. When Ford finally told her father that Allegra had learning disabilities, Henry Ford II promised her he would help cure Allegra. He contacted the most prominent pediatric neurologist in New York. Self-esteem is such an issue. The headmaster at (one of Allegra's schools) always said parents never cried over math scores. They cried because their children didn't have any friends." New York Gov.

"I wanted to get rid of that stigma. It does not do any good to spend years in denial like I did. In this book I opened up a lot more of my personal feelings.

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People say, 'How can you remember what you wore? How Allegra dealt with her dolls?' "I remember everything like it was yesterday." Many in Detroit might remember Anne Ford. The great-granddaughter of Henry Ford, she is the sister of Charlotte and Edsel.

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