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References will be provided to you upon request. After reviewing the enclosed proposal, please contact me at so I may answer any questions you have. If you are ready to begin the work, please sign the last page of the proposal signifying your acceptance of the terms. A good book proposal fleshes out your idea into a competed vision. Getty Images Updated October 01, 2015. A book proposal is a sales document, the tool with which you pitch your book to an agent and, eventually, to an editor. Salutation Opening paragraph Second paragraph summarizing the proposal itself (may be split into two paragraphs if necessary) Conclusion and call to action paragraph. Signature Proposal letters should be typed and printed on company letterhead stationery or on 8 x 11 white paper. If a proposal letter accompanies a grant document, follow the instructions given with the grant application. This ensures that you include all the required information to apply for the grant. In general, there are two types of proposal letters.

Jones, has mentioned to John Leonard and which his proposal addresses. This method of restating the problem and pointing out the benefits of working with the company is a clever way of reassuring the customer that the company understands the need and has effectively addresses it in.

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Thank you for requesting a proposal, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, John Leonard President, Acme Plumbing and Heating Key Points. Notice that the letter above restates the key points the client, Mr.

Business proposal cover letter key points
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