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Every page is bursting with great information, and the amount of detail is tremendous. The author doesn't gloss over important topics. The only complaint I have is that after reading the book, you get the impression, that modular homes are the greatest thing since the Hoover Dam. And rates are scandalous - we pay more than 7 per thousand for a policy that covers only half the replacement cost, not including delivery and removal of the old house. 4. Thin, light-weight walls crack easily - and door stops are so poorly attached as well as small, that a door opened too energetically results in the handle going right through the wallboard. Todays manufactured homes are dramatically different in appearance from the "mobile homes" of yesterdaywith estimates that more than 90 percent of todays manufactured homes never move from their original site. Manufactured homes, like site-built homes, are now available in a variety of designs, floor plans, and amenities. Of course, the same could be said of stick builders, I guess. But most stick builders are not using open faced floor joists and glued drywall. Is that a better way of building or a huge savings in material and labor costs?

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Most states have laws that govern the installation of a new manufactured home. Your retailer or the subcontractor installing the home is responsible for ensuring that the home is installed in accordance with state regulations and the manufacturers installation instructions or with an installation designed and approved.

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It could be both. The author warns you about this, but it's very difficult to separate fact from fiction in this business. There is no Consumer Reports for Modular homes. If there is such a publication, I'd love to know about it.

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