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Community-acquired pneumonia: a case study

Attending Physician:Dr. Marlene Cinco Patients History Past Health History: Patient D.E. had completed his immunization when he was a child. He experiences cough and cold in the past. According to the SO, the patient had a Hypertension. The S.O. reports that he needs assistance in every movement he does. 5. Sleep Rest Pattern Before hospitalization: He sleeps about 6-7 hours at night and sometimes 5-6 hours. Five days prior to admission, he can no longer do his activities of daily living because of his condition even with assistance. During hospitalization: Hindi niya maigalaw ang kanang bahagi ng kanyang katawan, as verbalized by the S.O. He usually eats crackers, biscuits and bread for his snacks with coffee. He had no difficulty in swallowing. Five days prior to admission, the patient was under OF feeding. During hospitalization: Patient diet was OF at 1600kcal every four hours. He drinks about 220/glass throughout the day via NGT. 3. Elimination Pattern Before Hospitalization: According to the S.O., patient D.E. had no problem with urination and defecation. Patient D.E urinates at least 3-5 times a day depending on the urge he feels.

History of Present Illness: Five days prior to admission, the patient had a stroke and was confined at CVMC and few hours prior to admission the patient was irritable and had a difficulty of breathing.

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Patients Profile Name:D.E Age:67 years old Address:Annafunan, Tuguegarao City. Sex:Male Civil Status:Married Occupation:None Nationality:Filipino Religion:Roman Catholic Date of Admission:Nov. 01, 07. Time of Admission:9:45 pm Chief Complaint:Irritability and DOB Final diagnosis:CVA infarct pneumonia.

Procurement case study pneumonia
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