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Under state statutes, a professional may lose a license to work if the license was obtained with a false statement. One particularly well publicized area of fraud is. Corporate Fraud. Corporate fraud cases are largely governed by the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (15 USCA 78a et. There are other federal fraud laws. For example, the fraudulent registration of. Aliens is punishable as a misdemeanor under federal law (8 U.S.C.A. 1306). The "victim" in such a fraud is the U.S. This is constructive fraud, and it is usually inferred when a party is a fiduciary and has a duty to know of, and disclose, particular facts. Fraud is an independent criminal offense, but it also appears in different contexts as the means used to gain a legal. Finally, the false statement must cause the victim some injury that leaves her or him in a worse position than she or he was in before the fraud. A statement of belief is not a statement of fact and thus is not fraudulent.

Rather, fraud would simply describe the method used to break the law or regulation requiring the license. Fraud resembles theft in that both involve some form of illegal taking, but the two should not be confused.

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Alteration of a measurement device is fraud and is punished as a misdemeanor ( 486-136). In civil court, the remedy for fraud can vary. In most states, a plaintiff may recover "the benefit of the bargain." This is a measure of the difference between the represented value.

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