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The analysis in AEO2015 focuses on six cases: Reference case, Low and High Economic Growth cases, Low and High Oil Price cases, and High Oil and Gas Resource case. For the first time, the Annual Energy Outlook (AEO) is presented as a shorter edition under a newly. The main cases in AEO2015 generally assume that current laws and regulations are maintained throughout the projections. Thus, the projections provide policy-neutral baselines that can be used to analyze policy initiatives. While energy markets are complex, energy models are simplified representations of energy production and consumption, regulations, and producer and consumer behavior. Projections are highly dependent on the data, methodologies, model structures, and assumptions used in their development. Economic growth, discussing the economic outlooks completed for each of the AEO2015 cases. Energy prices, discussing trends in the markets and prices for crude oil, petroleum and other liquids, 2 natural gas, coal, and electricity for each of the AEO2015 cases.

Appendix F provides a summary of the regional formats, and Appendix G provides a summary of the energy conversion factors used in AEO2015. The AEO2015 projections are based generally on federal, state, and local laws and regulations in effect as of the end of October 2014.

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The potential impacts of pending or proposed legislation, regulations, and standards (and sections of existing legislation that require implementing regulations or funds that have not been appropriated) are not reflected in the projections (for example, the proposed Clean Power Plan 3 ).

Us energy administration annual report
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