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In scanning input, lights or cursors scan letters and symbols displayed on computer screens or external devices. To make selections, individuals use switches activated by movement of the head, finger, foot, breath, etc. Documentation Individuals with hearing or speech impairments typically do not have difficulty using standard written or on-screen documentation. Specific Learning Disabilities Educational software where the computer provides multi-sensory experiences, interaction, positive reinforcement, individualized instruction, and repetition can be useful in skill building. Input Quiet work areas and ear protectors may make computer input easier for individuals with learning disabilities who are hyper-sensitive to background noise. Software that aids in efficient and accurate input can also assist.

Other simple hardware modifications can assist individuals with mobility impairments. For instance, disk guides can assist with inserting and removing diskettes; a dedicated hard disk or computer network access can eliminate or reduce the necessity to do so.

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Refreshable Braille displays allow line-by-line translation of screen text into Braille on a display area where vertical pins move into Braille configurations as screen text is scanned. Braille displays can be read quickly by those with advanced Braille skills, are good for detailed editing (e.g., programming and.

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